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Stone Basics

Things to know

What are the basics of stone I should know about before I select material for my kitchen or bathroom?

Our opinion on this matter:
The stone industry is a very international industry. The stones and equipment come from every continent of earth (except Antarctica). Therefore, all values, measurements, and tooling are in metric. It should raise your attention if the fabricator of your choice uses imperial measurements.
The two main thicknesses of natural stone on the U.S. market are 2cm and 3cm, (which equal 13/16" and 1" 3/16). Therefore, the four most common profile thicknesses are 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, and 6cm (13/16", 1" 3/16, 1" 9/16, and 2" 11/32). There are others, but they are most of the time cost prohibitive.
Most stones are called either marble or granite; mostly they are neither one of them. That can be very important to know, because it has a big influence on price, fabrication cost, -method and -time, appearance, and properties for use.

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