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Things to know

Does Volar Design fabricate and install materials like Caesarstone, Silestone, Zodiaq, Viattera, Croma or any other so called Quartz?

Our answer:
Yes we could, but so far Volar Design successfully avoided doing so. However, maybe someday, we will do a job with this kind of products which justifies its use.

It appears that Volar Design does not like this kind of products. Why?

Our opinion on this matter:
There is nothing wrong with the products themselves, and they certainly have their place, but what Volar Design does not like is the dishonesty surrounding them.

Interesting, can you please explain?

Our opinion on this matter:
The name of almost all of those products implies to the customers that they are stone. We even had people showing us very proud their new granite countertops, which turned out to be no natural stone at all.  All of those products are in fact more or
less Terrazzo. Terrazzo does exist already for a very long time and consists usually out of waste products from the stone industry (small chips and dust), sometimes glass chips, White Portland Cement, pigments, and different types of resin. Nowadays sometimes metal flakes are used to create interesting looks.
In the rest of the world, Terrazzo is usually used if the customer cannot afford natural stone or its artificial look is desired.
To Volar Design, these materials are hopelessly overpriced, and almost never outperform natural stone (against the claims of their distributers) .
Volar Design just does not see why to replace the unsurpassed beauty and performance of natural stone with a product which does not give the customer any justifiable advantage.

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