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Sinking Under

Things to know

How do I choose the right sink?

Our opinion on this matter:
The two most common mistakes we see choosing a sink are:
- Buying a sink which is literally too large for the space available.
- Believing that spending more money buys better quality.
The first is against the laws of nature, and the second turned out to be just not true.
In fact, especially for under mount sinks we do only know of a very limited amount, we can recommend with a good conscience. We also don’t like to install under mount sinks with an overhanging stone edge. We know it is easier and cheaper to fabricate, however even with the high performance, mold-resistant silicone we are using, just by design, this area will soon create a new home for billions of life forms you do not want to share your home with.
Also, we encountered that sinks and faucets have an unusually high return quote. Therefore, we recommend whenever you special order a sink or faucet, to make sure you can return them without any problems or extra charge. We have seen many sweet deals going sour this way.

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