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Having an Edge

Things to know

How do I choose the right edge?

Our opinion on this matter:
If we help advising customers to find the right edge, we carefully listen to them to find out what fits their personality, needs, and the desired project. We usually encourage our customers to stay away from flashy fashion-oriented design concepts and encourage them to use solutions of timeless beauty.
We also try to educate our customers on the inner values of proper edge work, especially on very skill requiring profiles like a split face edge. Many fabricators refer to this profile as a chiseled edge, which usually already spells trouble. Creating a proper split face edge is a very complex, multi-step procedure, which is different with any stone to bring out his beauty and individual character, but also making him practical for daily use. Our is one of Volar Design’s flagship products, and so far unmatched in beauty and quality.
Additional to that, we like to tell the customer that even the same edge can have different appearance and manufacturing procedures on different materials because of their unique properties. For example, a bullnose in Kashmir Gold (gneiss) Santa Cecilia (granite), Rainforest Green (serpentine), Bianca Carrara (marble), Azul Macauba (quartzite), or Kosmus (pyrite) requires complete different tooling and yield different aesthetics.

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